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By combining the techniques I have learnt over the years with my intuition and the potential of my clients I have been able to successfully help many people move away from their problems and live the life they deserve.

I work in a humanistic way using hypnosis, mindfulness, transpersonal psychology, and psychotherapy to help you.

Regardless of the modality, I believe therapy is a two-way process. The relationship between you and I is most important. I consider us equal and connected. In therapy, we share the experience. Alongside my analytical stance to the sessions, there is empathy and insight.

You can read more about the different modalities I combine in my therapy sessions below.

Transpersonal Psychology

Transpersonal psychology views people as unlimited in ability. I believe everyone can use therapy to achieve greater potential. Taking a humanistic approach, I focus on self development, growth, and responsibilities, so you can recognise your strengths, creativity, and choices. I believe you can reach your goal.


Hypnosis is a helpful tool in therapy. It helps people change certain thought processes and connections. It helps you shut out the external noise and direct all your attention inwardly. Many people find it easier to work through problems in this state of mind and reach conclusions that take hours in an everyday mind state. The hypnotic state of mind is wonderful at reducing anxiety and stress, but it is not the therapy and needs a therapeutic modality to go with it. Read more about hypnosis here.


Counselling is a form of talking therapy in which the counsellor holds space for you to talk through your feelings. My counselling qualifications taught me how to listen actively, without offering advice or opinions. You will leave a counselling session with the feeling of support from someone who ‘heard’ you.



Psychotherapy is another form of talking therapy that helps you understand the behaviours, emotions and beliefs that contribute to your problems. Generally, I work in a psychodynamic way, which involves looking back to your childhood to find the reason for your problems today. We can use hypnosis to aid the process, but it is not obligatory.

Life Coaching

Life coaching is useful when you perceive yourself as the cause of your problem, but in reality, it’s your lifestyle. Often at rock bottom, feeling broken, yet there is a very simple solution. Life coaching helps you see the obstacles and find ways to adapt your lifestyle, so you can live your best life as the best version of you.


Mindfulness is a way of life that helps reduce anxiety and stress to live an altogether happier life. I incorporate mindfulness practices into most sessions, so you have something to take away each time. Read more about mindfulness here.

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