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Hi, I’m so glad you’ve found me, because I’ve got a deep desire to help you. I want to hear your story and help you find yourself and your way forward through whatever difficulty you find yourself in.

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Moving forward, together.

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If you’re interested in certifications and qualifications, please click here. I spent years chasing certificates, until I accepted that true knowledge comes from experience. From listening to and learning from others.


My clients and their stories are what’s made me the therapist I am today, the way I learned to help people differently. To help people understand the screams from their heart, body and soul. My certificates demonstrate my ability to commit, they show you the timeline of my interests. They’ll help you understand the level of my academic intelligence and go some way to let you know I’m a determined individual. But I can tell you for sure, I have embodied much more from sitting and listening to people tell me their story.


It’s taken me over 16 years of being a therapist to work out what I do, how I ‘therapist’ successfully. I’ve often said I wish I could describe what I do and write it into a programme. To find a way to teach it to others. However, I can’t, I can’t because what I do isn’t me. It’s you. This occurred to me after listening to a client tell her story. For an hour, I sat quietly, holding space. Listening intently. Not because it’s my job or because of financial rumination, but because of humanity. The love I feel for my clients is intense. I want to pick each one up and put them on the top of Mount Everest, shine a beam on them and shout to the world – look at this human. Look at how amazing they are. Because I am a sucker for authenticity, for vulnerability…a romantic at heart. So, I listen, absorbed in the story. Experienced enough to not feel emotionally involved. I keep myself out of your story, but when you tell me I hear you so deeply, I feel it with you. I’m rooting for you as you explore the depths of your soul to get through it, whatever it may be, and come out the other side. Bigger, brighter, more you.


At the end of the hour, I rounded the session off with a few “wise therapist words” and my client responded with a deep breath in and…

“Wow, you’re good”.

I instantly felt a fraud. I looked down at the realms of words in front of me. The five A4 pages of notes I’d written as they spoke. And I worried. How am I good? What did I do? I told my client, it was them. And it was, it was all them. They found the courage to open the door to their most intimate thoughts. Human feelings that we all experience but try to run from. Some may call this the shadow side. The bits of ourselves we don’t like and therefore attempt to fight. The parts we push away instead of leaning into with curiosity. But most of all, we try to hide. Letting the feelings rise in only the safest of spaces. When you permit the feelings, you give yourself the opportunity to understand. To learn more about yourself. To know yourself, who you are, what you need, how to speak your truth. To find your joy and success.

In addition to holding this space for my client, I did something else. It’s in my nature to see patterns. As my client spoke, I heard the thread that ran through their words. What to them felt like a jumbled mess of emotions was to me a clearly structured explanation. I’ve always been good at puzzles. Being a therapist is the same. As I listen to you share the different pieces distributed around, I see the pieces that fit together and build the puzzle in my mind. I will share with you the pattern I see. Not my option nor advice. Simply my understanding of what you say. To my client, this was profound. To me too, but it all came from within them.


I’ve always said I work intuitively with an approach based on evidence. I like structure, I want to understand the whys of everything. I devour books voraciously. I research passionately. I love learning and always want to know more. I combine the scientific research with the experience of others and my own intuition as I work.


Traditionally, the spectrum of issues a hypnotherapist works with is broad (anxiety, stress, fears, phobias, weight loss, confidence, self-esteem, performance enhancement, sleep disorders, pain management, trauma, habit breaking, grief and loss, anger management, improving relationships, motivation and goal achievement, past life regression, smoking cessation).


I know the programmes. I know the fast cures. I attend conferences – as a speaker and listener – and hear the hypnotherapists speak about fixing the problem in one hour. Heck, one therapist I know claims to help people in 5 minutes. And we’ll go there if this is what calls you.


My passion is helping people who feel stuck find their way out – whether this is for a clearly defined reason or not – and often this takes time. I am in no rush. I’ll hang on in there until you feel safe. I have time for your back story before you get to the now. I try not to interrupt, and when it’s appropriate, we’ll use hypnosis to enhance the process. I will personalise your sessions so they are relevant to your problem, rather than taking a programme designed for anyone and everyone.


Over the years, my work has changed. In 2008, when I first qualified as a hypnotherapist, our lives were incredibly different to today. Steve Jobs didn’t unveil the first iPhone until January 2007. It’s only in recent years we’ve all had the smartphone extension to our arms. Covid changed the way we live. The improvement in technology causes conflict inside of us. Problems of 20 years ago were easier to manage in some ways, because the external influences were less. Today, a large part of my work is helping clients make lifestyle changes. They come to me feeling broken, and we realise together, it’s their lifestyle that’s causing all the breakages. Of course, sometimes it is inside of you, and we can work with that too.


Sounds confusing, right? Hypnotherapy with psychotherapy is my original qualification, and the reason I call myself a hypnotherapist. Since 2008, when I qualified as a hypnotherapist, I have added other skills to my toolbox. This helps me add depth to my sessions. If you want to know more, I explain it as concisely as possible here.


I’ve come to understand that true knowledge isn’t just about the letters after my name or the timeline of my academic pursuits. It’s about the stories shared, the moments of vulnerability, and the human connection that transforms both you and me. As an ex chaser of certificates, I have a few to share with you here.

Public Speaking

2021 Hypno Summit – Hypnobirthing for the Hypnotherapist

2022 UK Hypnosis Convention – Why Hypnosis isn’t the Therapy.

2022 Hypno Summit – Sleep Disorders: When Hypnosis Alone Doesn’t Do the Trick


2023 UK Hypnosis Convention – The Initial Consultation

2024 UK Hypnosis Convention – The Hidden Power of Values in Raising Self-Esteem

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