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Hypnotherapy for infertility

can be exactly what you need to help you find success in your pregnancy journey.


People choose to use hypnotherapy for infertility as they recognise the power of the mind body connection in the struggle to conceive.


Many people dealing with infertility are tired of being told to “just relax.” That is the equivalent telling an insomniac to “just go to sleep.”


You don’t have to relax to benefit from hypnosis, nor do you have to totally quiet your mind.


I am very experienced in facilitating a calming environment for you, where you can access the rejuvenating properties of your parasympathetic nervous system.


All you have to do is breathe. I am here to do is help you along the way. I am on your side, whatever you choose is right for you and I always support your decisions.


Explained Infertility


If you have explained infertility you may already be working with your doctor, or other medical professionals.


Using hypnotherapy for infertility whilst undergoing IVF treatment has been shown to increase the success rates to over 50%!


If you are seeking medical help, such as IVF, I can aid relaxation at the important times and also use visualisation techniques to help the body do what it needs to do, benefitting from the power of your imagination with the knowledge that your brain cannot differentiate between real and imagined situations. 


I can also help you if you are not seeking medical assistance. Firstly to relax and feel at peace, secondly using exactly the same techniques as above to help you conceive naturally despite your medical condition.




A Complementary Therapy


Hypnosis is complementary to any medical procedure and often can lessen discomfort or support the medical protocol.


For example, medical personnel may experience difficulty inserting the catheter during egg retrieval; yet hypnotic suggestion can easily resolve this issue.


Studies show the positive influence of hypnotic suggestion on bodily functions such as blood pressure and heart rate, and hypnosis has been shown to impact the hypothalamus and influence the release of hormones.




Unexplained Infertility


Unexplained infertility can be a cause of many things.


Stress can dramatically affect fertility. When in a state of hypnosis you cannot feel stressed.


I can teach you techniques to remove stress helping you to feel calm and relaxed all of the time.


You may have some repressed emotions affecting your fertility; preventing you from conceiving. An example of this could be someone who does not believe that they will be a good parent.


Even if in your conscious mind you want a baby more than anything, there may be unconscious conflicts.


Hypnotherapy for infertility helps to release these feelings. Removing the conflict between the conscious and unconscious mind resulting in pregnancy.


The free initial consultation gives an opportunity for you to ask questions and for me to find out more about you.


Together we can formulate a plan and decide the best way to work.


There are many different ‘tools’ that I can use to help you get your life back on track and to conceive. Some are described below.




Hypnotherapy for Infertility

Relaxation – It can be as easy as some simple relaxation sessions and an audio to listen to at home that can help to relax the body, taking it out of the stressed state allowing the reproductive system to work at maximum efficiency.


These sessions will be peaceful and enjoyable for you. They will give you some much desired ‘me time’ and you will begin to notice the effects immediately.


Regression – Regression can help to release any repressed emotions or memories that can be causing conflict between the conscious and unconscious mind.


Regression is also known as Hypno-analysis; it is used to find the originating cause of a problem.


Once the originating cause is found and the emotion released, the symptoms can permanently disappear.


I can guide you in to the extremely relaxed state that is hypnosis and ask you to tell me whatever comes into your mind.


By remembering one event after another your thoughts will eventually lead you back to incidents and emotions from your past.


There may be one specific incident that is causing your problem today or there may be cumulative trauma.


Either way it is the release of emotion as a mature person, and the fitting of these incidents into the correct place, that allows your symptoms to disappear.


Hypno-analysis is a hugely specialised therapy so you will be guided and looked after throughout to give you the best care in this sometimes vulnerable situation.



Talking Therapy – Infertility is one of the toughest things in life to encounter.


You may feel very alone and that no one understands you. All around you people seem to be falling pregnant, some will cause upset by hiding it, others will cause upset by speaking about it.


It is often the case that both you and your partner feel that you need to be strong for the other, so you may not talk about how you are really feeling. Having someone to come and speak to on a regular basis can just help with getting through each day.


Finding a life outside of the infertility – Infertility can take over lives. When going through it one can sometimes forget about the rest of life.


You may stop booking holidays in case you fall pregnant. Career changes are put on hold in case you fall pregnant. Visits to friends are put off in case you fall pregnant. Life can become a chore.


By taking back control of your life and doing everything you would be doing you can begin to feel happy again.


Trying for a baby or having IVF can run alongside a normal lifestyle. 

About Hypnotherapy with Juliet

I ask everyone I work with to come for a free initial consultation before we begin therapy.


This session lasts around an hour and is for us to get to know each other and discuss the presenting issue. I have a list of questions that I will ask which enable me to find the best way to work. You can also ask any questions you may have. There is no commitment to book further sessions after this initial consultation but when you choose to we can book you in for the next available appointment.

I am able to give an idea of how many sessions you will need at the initial consultation but everybody is different and neither of us really know how you will feel after each session. On average people come for around four sessions, however whether you book another session is always at your discretion. Some people find regular sessions beneficial even when we have solved the original presenting issue. At the end of each session we discuss whether another session would be beneficial.

I generally work in a solution focused way, looking forward to your future instead of looking back. However in some situations I feel the right path is a psychotherapeutic one and we will look back to the past to find what we need to do to make changes for your present.

The initial consultation is always free. From there on sessions cost £80 and last for one hour.
About Me

In 2001 I graduated university with a degree in Financial Economics but thankfully in 2008 after a short career in The City of London a course in clinical hypnosis & psychotherapy led me up path that would change my life forever.

Before I had finished the course, people were asking if I could help them fix their problems. Help them lose weight, stop smoking, break habits. I soon had a therapy room near to the office, closely followed by a room in Harley Street. I was working 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. in a busy investment bank and then racing to my therapy room to see clients. Something had to change. In 2009 I decided to win the rat race by leaving my employer to set up as a full time, self-employed hypnotherapist. After working with many clients struggling to conceive and attending many training courses myself, Sue and I decided to shut ourselves in a hotel room for three nights and write our hypnosis for infertility programme.

In more recent years I have published a hypnobirthing book, furthered my studies and therapeutic capabilities with a masters degree (MSc) in Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology and taught many other hypnotherapists some of my techniques.

In 2011 after the birth of my first daughter I chose to focus on my practice in Farnham, Surrey alongside day workshops around the country.


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Location & Privacy
All therapy sessions are held in my designated therapy room at home. There is direct access from outside so you do not need to come into my house and I keep at least 10 minutes between clients so your privacy is maintained.

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I am currently 30 weeks! Can you believe it? I never thought it would happen!


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