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How can I help you quit smoking?


Let’s be clear. A quit smoking client recently said to me “So are you just going to use relaxation? I thought you were going to re-programme me”.


It’s not quite as simple as this but I can use techniques that I am highly qualified in using and have been using for over ten years to make quitting smoking far easier than if you were to try in other ways.


The Quit Smoking Programme



The quit smoking programme I use is spread across two one-hour sessions, one week apart.


During the first session we speak about smoking, the reasons you smoke and why you feel a need to reach for a cigarette at the times you do. In addition to this we come up with a plan for the week in between the two sessions.


As a result of the plan when you come back for your second session the amount you are smoking will have decreased dramatically along with the desire to reach for a cigarette.


In this session we will use hypnosis to challenge your brain and way of thinking.


You will then be able to use your own strength to stop the habit for good and above all walk out of the room a non-smoker, forever.


What is hypnosis? and how does it work?


Hypnosis is sometimes colloquially referred to as a form of


‘attentive receptive concentration’,


put simply;


a state of concentration in which one is more open to suggestion and new ideas.


As yet we still don’t know exactly what hypnosis is!


What we can consider is that hypnosis is an elaborate form of suggestion that occurs within a specific context.


A typical hypnosis protocol is relatively boring. Often portrayed as phenomenal it is more a phenomenon.


The primary components of hypnosis are an induction followed by one or more suggestions.


Hypnotic inductions are the first suggestion in hypnosis with the intention of promoting an attentional state characterised by absorption in the words of the person saying them, and a reduction in awareness of everything else.


A Non-Deceptive Placebo


Hypnosis has also been referred to as a non-deceptive placebo.


In the same way that environmental cues such as advertisements produce an involuntary change in an individual, suggestion generates the placebo of hypnosis.


Hypnosis can be considered a top down regulator where mental representations override physiology, perception and behaviour.


When using hypnosis some people will feel an altered state of consciousness but this does not mean it is an unknown state of consciousness.


It is thought we all enter a hypnotic state every day when particularly absorbed in one thing. Sports people, in their most important competition talk about not noticing anything around them, the huge audience for example, whilst their entire focus is on the game.


Is it Relaxation?


Many people will feel relaxed due to the nature of the situation, for example laying on a bed or in a comfortable chair however hypnosis does not require relaxation and a relaxed person is not always in hypnosis.


Some people experience time distortion and others a feeling of disconnection from the body. Other people feel normal. There is no right or wrong, though it does seem to be the case that the more someone uses hypnosis the easier they find it to achieve a focused state of mind.


If you feel that you would like to help yourself or help the planet by quitting smoking, you could do so more easily with the added assistance of two hypnotherapy sessions.




For £70 use the online quick fix, quit smoking for life session. This is a pre recorded hypnotherapy session, set out in exactly the same way as a face to face session but giving you the ability to use it in your own home at your own pace. 

About Hypnotherapy with Juliet

With no need for an initial consultation we start immediately with the stop smoking programme. The programme is two one hour sessions spread a week apart.


£250 for two session quit smoking programme

£70 for online quick fix session

About Me

In 2001 I graduated university with a degree in Financial Economics but thankfully in 2008 after a short career in The City of London a course in clinical hypnosis & psychotherapy led me up path that would change my life forever.

Before I had finished the course, people were asking if I could help them fix their problems. Help them lose weight, hypnosis to quit smoking, break habits. As a result I soon had a therapy room near to the office, closely followed by a room in Harley Street. I was working 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. in a busy investment bank and then racing to my therapy room to see clients. Something had to change. Therefore, in 2009 I decided to win the rat race by leaving my employer to set up as a full time, self-employed hypnotherapist.

In more recent years I have published a hypnobirthing book, furthered my studies and therapeutic capabilities with a masters degree (MSc) in Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology and taught many other hypnotherapists some of my techniques.

After the birth of my first daughter in 2011 I chose to focus on my practice in Farnham, Surrey alongside day workshops around the country.


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All therapy sessions are held in my designated therapy room at home. There is direct access from outside so you do not need to come into my house and I keep at least 10 minutes between clients so your privacy is maintained.

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Juliet is very professional, accommodating and welcoming. She listens to attentively throughout each session and really makes you feel valued as an individual. 100% recommend.

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