Will hypnotherapy help me?

Sometimes my clients want hypnotherapy for a specific problem and have a goal in mind. However, if you are struggling to put your finger on your goal, but feel like you need some support or want to make changes, hypnotherapy is still a great choice. 

There is an endless list of things that hypnotherapy can help. In fact, you’ll find it difficult to find something that hypnosis can’t help. I find it counterproductive to list all the things hypnosis helps, inevitably you won’t find your complaint on the list. 

The best option is to book a free initial consultation. It lasts around an hour. I’ll ask you the questions I need to understand what you want to achieve. You can ask me any questions you have. and we’ll discuss how I can help you.

Is hypnosis an altered state?

When using hypnosis, some people will feel an altered state of consciousness, but this does not mean it is an unknown state of consciousness. It is thought we all enter a hypnotic state every day when particularly absorbed in one thing. For example, sports people in their most important competition talk about not noticing anything around them, as their entire focus is on the game.

Is hypnosis concentration?

Hypnosis is sometimes referred to as ‘attentive receptive concentration’, put simply; a state of concentration in which one is more open to suggestions and new ideas. We can consider hypnosis an elaborate form of suggestion that occurs within a specific context.

Is hypnosis a placebo?

Considered a non-deceptive placebo hypnosis enables changes in your reactions in the same way that advertising does. As with advertising, it is subtle, and helps you find yourself rather than lose yourself.

Is hypnosis relaxation?

Many people will feel relaxed due to the nature of the situation, for example laying on a bed or in a comfortable chair. However, hypnosis does not require relaxation, and a relaxed person is not always in hypnosis.

What happens in a hypnotherapy session?

When we begin the hypnosis part of the session, I will guide you into hypnosis using my voice. This is the same as any guided meditation you’ll find on the internet – however, I will personalise it to you.

Hypnosis is a state of mind natural for most of us, a state of intense focus. I will use techniques to help you make positive changes. Sometimes the session is interactive, and you will answer questions and practise techniques. Sometimes I will talk to you using metaphors, visualisations and positive suggestions to help you make the changes necessary.

The Therapy Room

Is everything Confidential?

Yes. everything is confidential. I am registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (the UK’s independent body set up to uphold information rights, covering laws including the Data Protection Act 2018, Freedom of Information and Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations). My registration number is ZA019552.

The therapy room is a safe, supportive space in which you can explore yourself and your potential.

What happens in a therapy session?

When you arrive, we will spend some time talking about the days since we last saw each other. How you feel, whether there has been any change, what you think helped, what you think didn’t.

We take the session from there. I always have a loose plan in my mind. Whether I follow it or not depends on what has come up for you since your last session. 

Do you offer online therapy?

With the benefit of technology, I can work with you wherever you are in the world. I am happy to work across time zones and can do so via Zoom, Skype, Google Duo, Facetime or Whatsapp Video. If there is another software that you prefer to use, please let me know, as I am adaptable.

How do I find you?

I work from my hypnotherapy room in Farnham, Surrey.

This room is in my house with access from outside, so you come straight in from the driveway to the therapy room.

Your anonymity is maintained, and whilst you are here, the space is as much yours as mine.

The address is 12 Brooklands Road, Farnham Surrey GU9 9BP. When you arrive, please come down the side of the house to the door on the right, just before the back gate.

I leave around 15 minutes between clients, but there is always the chance I may overrun. It is better if you arrive at the start of your appointment time and not before. 

About Me

What's your story?

In 2004, I graduated from university with a BA degree in Financial Economics. I quickly started working in Financial Institutions, Abbey Stockbrokers, Barings Bank, Northern Trust and KBC Financial Products, before acknowledging that I wasn’t enjoying life.

I qualified with a diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy in 2008, and started my hypnotherapy practice in The City of London, rushing there after work each day. Shortly after, I quit the day job and extended my practice to Harley Street for a few years, before having my first daughter in 2011. Since then, I have worked only from local clinics and my home practice in Farnham, with small trainings further afield.

In 2017 I complimented my hypnotherapy diploma and other small certifications with a MSc in Consciousness, Transpersonal Psychology and Spirituality.



What is your intention?

My intention is to help you gain a complete understanding of yourself, your capabilities and relationships. I want you to leave with skills to help you deal with your life experiences beyond the therapy room.

My greatest priority is ridding you of anything holding you back.

I do not ask my clients to commit to months of sessions, nor do I bombard you with homework. I have spent years working with and studying people and the human mind, so that I can condense the most important and useful techniques into a short period of one-hour sessions to help you help yourself.

Who are you personally?

Early experiences

I grew up, surrounded by image conscious people focused mostly on academic achievement and not emotional health, and this led my early life.

Today, every day, I express gratitude for the influence of the elders in my family. My Great Aunt was a yogi, my maternal Nan, a planet conscious vegan plus mind and body health activist, and my paternal Nan had a psychology bookshelf far more advanced than mine. Their teachings were always there, embedded within my soul. I knew within a few years of graduating from university with a degree in financial economics that work in the corporate world wasn’t for me. Thankfully, within the workspace, I made friends with similar interests and enjoyed a different lifestyle outside of work, whilst I retrained as a hypnotherapist.


I am a massive foodie and avid exerciser. I commit to exercising six times a week, and split that between gym classes, running and swimming. I have run three London Marathons and walked one Moonwalk marathon. I prioritise my sleep and am a morning person. I love to party, but sometimes turn things down if they’ll interfere too much with this.

I am open minded. Rather than believing in something, I’d rather open my mind to the possibility of anything. I appreciate ancient traditions and enjoy exploring the ways of our ancestors. I love thinking outside the box and frequently put myself into the alternative arena.

I value friendship immensely and try my hardest to be a reliable person to those around me. I don’t take myself too seriously, but am serious when necessary. My favourite conversations are those that get deep and meaningful. My friend once told me I’m like a puppy, because I get so excited about the things I plan.

My two daughters (born in 2011 and 2014) originally went to a Krishnamurti school. We spent the best part of five years at the beautiful Brockwood Park in Bramdean. The only Krihnamurti centre in Europe. Although – in alignment with Krishnamurti’s philosophies – I do not consider him my guru, his teachings align with me.

Today, both children are home educated. They attend various groups throughout the week that align with my values, including community and nature. We spend a lot of our time in wellies, stomping in puddles and mud. We are lucky that the people we choose to surround ourselves with are non-judgemental, accepting, kind, strong people with high morals and integrity. My partner Matt and I have been together since 2005. We spend most of our free time as a family, but we haven’t found a need to marry yet.

I value the natural world. I try to keep my consumption low and commit to reducing the plastic in my life. I feel better when I eat a diet focused on unprocessed whole foods and traceable, unmedicated, meat. I commit to buying meat from a farm that prioritises the welfare of their animals, and dairy from calf at foot dairies.


I am a massive advocate for the rights of children and find it difficult to see a child that doesn’t feel heard. It’s something I always consider when I work with a child or an adult who was once a child. I try to respect others and remember that every person is a person, regardless of their age or status. I am a big researcher and read every day. The books and research I read form the basis of my work. The knowledge I accrue guides me, so my work feels intuitive.

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