Sleep Hypnosis – Quick Fix

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Sleep Hypnosis

Juliet Hollingsworth

Hi, I’m Juliet Hollingsworth. I’m here with my sleep hypnosis quick fix session designed to help you out of a hole. This hypnotherapy session focuses on sleep. Are you struggling to sleep? According to some guidelines, people with insomnia have one or more of the following symptoms:


              • Difficulty falling asleep
              • Difficulty staying asleep (waking up during the night and having trouble returning to sleep)
              • Waking up too early in the morning
              • Unrefreshing sleep (also called “non-restorative sleep”)
              • Fatigue or low energy
              • Cognitive impairment, such as difficulty concentrating
              • Mood disturbance, such as irritability
              • Behaviour problems, such as feeling impulsive or aggression
              • Difficulty at work or school
              • Difficulty in personal relationships, including family, friends and caregivers


This seventy minute hypnotherapy session will help you to understand why your body is behaving in this way and give you solutions to restore it. You will benefit from the included hypnosis audio that works to change the way your brain behaves when you try to sleep. Therefore the changes will happen without any need for conscious thought.


What Do I Get?


For the small sum of £35 you will get a 70 minute hypnotherapy session. As with any normal face to face hypnotherapy session the time will be split into two parts. The first being an education around hypnosis for sleep that will give you an understanding of what is happening inside your body and why the exercises I provide you with can help. Included in the course is a printable ‘toolbox’ for you. You will also receive a hypnosis audio that you can listen to over and over. This is specific to your sleep struggles. By listening to the audio, watching the video and using the toolbox you will be able to get back to sleep that feels normal.

For more information on how you can help your sleep disorder with hypnosis please see here.

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