Hypnotherapy for Anxiety – Quick Fix

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Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Juliet Hollingsworth

Hi, I’m Juliet Hollingsworth and I’m here with my hypnotherapy for anxiety quick fix session designed to help you out of a hole. This hypnotherapy session focuses on anxiety.


Are you feeling the classic symptoms of anxiety? Do you feel like there is a knife stabbing you in the chest with each breath you take? A rain cloud of negative speak following your every move? Your heart racing so quickly you feel like you are going to burst? Like an imposter highjacked your normal self? An explosion in your brain sending your thoughts spiralling out of control?

If you are unsure whether the feelings you have are symptoms of anxiety please click here to take the GAD7 quiz. This is the 7 question, 2 minute quiz regularly used to diagnosis the severity of anxiety.


That’s where I can help.


With this hypnotherapy session you will learn why this is happening and how to life your life without these symptoms. The hypnosis audio provided will change the way your brain perceives threats. Therefore no longer needing to react in the anxious way. As an Anxiety UK registered clinical hypnotherapist I work with sufferers of anxiety on a regular basis. I want to share the solutions with you today. 


What Do I Get?


For the small sum of £35 you will get a 75 minute hypnotherapy session.


As with any normal face to face hypnotherapy session the time will be split into two parts.


The first being an education around hypnotherapy for anxiety that will give you an understanding of what is happening inside your body and why the exercises I provide you with can help. To complete these exercises, included in the course are some printables for you to fill in.


You will also receive a hypnosis audio that you can listen to over and over. This is specific to your anxiety struggles. By listening to the audio, watching the video and completing the exercises you will have a calmer way of life.

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