Hypnosis for Weight Loss – Quick Fix

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Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Juliet Hollingsworth

Hi, I’m Juliet Hollingsworth. I’m here with my hypnosis for weight loss quick fix session designed to help you out of a hole. Are you desperately trying to lose weight but staying the same, or yoyoing between where you want to be and where you are now? Do you feel that it might be an idea to see someone about it but don’t have the money or the time? 




This hypnotherapy session focuses on weight loss, losing weight in a way that is easy for you. If you want to lose weight without taking this course you can read my ‘four things to remember if you actually want to lose weight’ here.


Are you stuck not knowing which way to turn? Tried every diet under the sun but nothing is giving you the long term fix? That’s where I can help.


How will hypnosis for weight loss help me?

After this hypnotherapy session, as a result of the phenomena of hypnosis, you will naturally make some small lifestyle changes. These changes will help you to achieve your weight loss goal easily and for life. You will get an insight into how your body is working with the online video. You will benefit from the included hypnosis audio that works to change the way your brain perceives food. Therefore you will make the changes required to lose weight without any need for conscious thought.


What Do I Get?

⇒ £35.

→ 30 minute video to help you understand how this will work for you.

⇒ Printable exercises to maintain a focus on your goal.

→ A hypnosis audio specific to weight loss that you can listen to as regularly as you like.


For the small sum of £35 you will get an hour long hypnotherapy session. As with any normal face to face hypnotherapy session the hour will be split into two parts. The first being an education around hypnosis for weight loss, with exercises for you to do that will help you to reach your target weight. To complete these exercises, included in the course are two printables for you to fill in. You will also receive a hypnosis audio that you can listen to over and over. This is specific to your weight loss intention. By listening to the audio, watching the video and completing the exercises you will be sprinting towards your ideal weight.

To read more on how hypnosis can help you lose weight click here.

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