Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy – Quick Fix

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“Today I am flying to Sydney, Australia, something I could never have done before meeting Juliet. I have been scared of flying for years. Juliet through hypnotherapy has transformed me. I am still nervous but she has given me the tools to be calmer.
I have flown to Canada, Berlin, Zurich and Greece and experienced some challenging flights, which have been so much better thanks to her hypnotherapy. I cannot recommend her enough.” Gillian Lamb – fear of flying hypnotherapy client

Juliet Hollingsworth

Hi, I’m Juliet Hollingsworth. I’m here with my fear of flying hypnotherapy quick fix designed to help you break free from your fear of flying.


This hypnotherapy session focuses on aerophobia.


Do you have a flight booked but feel like you won’t get on the plane? Needing to book a flight but cannot quite bring yourself to push the “book” button? Maybe you’ve been asked to travel abroad by plane for work?


This quick fix hypnotherapy session for a fear of flying will resolve all of these problems, and more.


According to SOAR;


              • One person in three has some degree of fear of flying.fear of flying hypnotherapy window view
              • One person in six is unable to fly due to fear of flying.
              • The average age at which this fear develops is twenty-seven.
              • The anxiety felt when flying is not usually as bad as the anticipatory anxiety before the flight.
              • Fear of flying may include claustrophobia and fear of in-flight panic.



This seventy five minute hypnotherapy session will help you to understand why your body is behaving in this way, give you solutions to restore it and move away from your fear of flying so that you cannot remember ever being concerned about it. The hypnosis audio will change the perception in your brain so that flying could in fact become so commonplace that you recognise why the cabin crew sometimes look almost bored. To read more about hypnotherapy for fears and phobias please click here


What Do I Get?


For £35 you will get


→ a 75 minute hypnotherapy session.


As with any normal face to face hypnotherapy session the time will be split into two parts. The first being an education around hypnosis for flying that will give you an understanding of what is happening inside your body and why the exercises I provide you with can help. Included in the course is


→ a printable ‘toolbox’ for you,

→ thought changing worksheets,

→ information to take with you on to the flight,

→ an extra audio for claustrophobia

→ and more.

→ You will also receive a hypnosis audio that you can listen to over and over.


This is specific to your fear of flying anxiety.


By listening to the audio, watching the video and using the toolbox you will be able to fly away!


The course draws a full ring around the Fear of Flying, whether your fear is due to a previous traumatic experience, a fear that you learnt from another person, claustrophobia, feeling out of control, a fear of your safety and more.

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