5 Myths About Smoking Hypnotherapy Debunked


Hypnotherapy is a popular way to quit smoking. The success of this intervention, combined with the portrayal of hypnosis through stage hypnosis, means some myths about smoking hypnotherapy developed. In this article, I’ll debunk some of those myths and tell it how it is. 


Hypnotherapy is the most successful way to quit smoking.


It’s not unusual to read the bold statement that hypnotherapy is the most effective way to quit smoking. Honestly, I probably claimed that myself once upon a time. Even without the research, it doesn’t take much rational thought to ask the question – what does successful mean? You don’t have another cigarette all day, or you don’t have another cigarette until the day you die? We all have different views on the meaning of success in everyday life, and it’s the same with therapy. Hypnotherapy is a successful smoking cessation method for some people. However, the research is sketchy, and further research is needed, alongside a clear definition of successful, to say that hypnotherapy is the most successful way to stop smoking.





Hypnotherapy can erase all cravings and withdrawal symptoms.


Ah hypnosis, the wonderful state of mind that helps you take ownership of your own mind. Using hypnosis, you train your brain to do what you want it to. Confusing huh! To simplify things, imagine you could stop any unwanted thoughts and steer your brain as effortlessly as you do a car or bicycle. Sometimes our thoughts wander, and we assume there is nothing we can do about it. When you use hypnosis, or meditation, you learn how to sit in the driving seat and steer. When your mind takes you on a journey that doesn’t serve you, you’ll have the strength to bring it back to a positive path. Instead of suffering with cravings and withdrawal symptoms, you can redirect your thoughts and adapt the way you manage physical feelings, so they no longer control your actions. The hypnotherapy will not erase the cravings, but will give you a new perception and fill you with power to change your reactions.


Hypnotherapy works without personal commitment and effort


As per the above, hypnotherapy is not a magic wand that changes the way you think. However, it will empower you to take control of your thoughts. When you commit to the process and put effort in to practice the techniques, you’ll find a stronger sense of self. Will power that you never knew existed will emerge, so you can manage any desire to smoke. I’d love to tell you that your hypnotherapist will do all the work, but unfortunately, we don’t have a superpower. Together, we’ll find your own superpowers and help you utilise them so you can stop smoking easily.


Therapeutically, your hypnotherapist will help you understand the benefits you get from smoking, and then help you find new ways to reap the same benefits in a healthier way.






Smoking hypnotherapy works for everyone


Smoking cessation hypnotherapy is not for everyone. Generally, in therapy, you’ll get the opportunity to meet your therapist and hopefully have an in-depth chat before you agree to work with someone. This means you can ‘shop around’ to find someone you feel a good rapport with, someone you trust and like. This is paramount in therapy. For smoking cessation sessions, most hypnotherapists offer one or two sessions in quick succession, without any prior introduction. Because of this, you’re unlikely to get the opportunity to build a strong therapeutic relationship before you start working together. In some cases, this negatively affects the hypnotherapy.


Taking the above points into consideration, if you go into your quit smoking hypnotherapy sessions with the mindset that the hypnotherapist is going to do something to you, and you’ll walk out with a new personality, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Hypnotherapy is a two-way investment, regardless of what you’re trying to achieve. Your hypnotherapist will put in 100% effort, and you’ll need to do the same. If they give you ‘homework’ you’ll need to do it, and techniques will require practice. As the old saying goes, you can take a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.


Smoking hypnotherapy guarantees immediate and permanent results.


Although some hypnotherapists offer a guarantee for their services, it doesn’t make them superior or more likely to work. Intention to change is step one, and how most people feel when they first book a quit smoking session. This is a big step in the journey to addiction recovery. It is likely that after your sessions, you’ll make a huge leap to not smoking again. For most people, that is never smoking again when they walk out the door. Some people experience other changes that aren’t always as expected. I believe everyone who has a quit smoking session with me will have at least one aha moment, which will change the way they view the habit. Ideally, they will either not feel the urge to smoke again, will simply not want to regardless of cravings, or will have the tools to manage the feelings. However, the result of your smoking cessation sessions depends on many factors. Although it’s always the intention and what we work hard to achieve, no hypnotherapist can guarantee immediate or permanent success.