Exploring the Connection Between Mindfulness, Meditation and Hypnotherapy


One quiet week in November 2018, people of Brighton got the shock of their lives as the streets, already eclectic, appeared to suffer an invasion. Hundreds of people, grouped together in a trance like state. A look of possession on their faces, eyes closed, silently walking. At the beginnings of English winter, they’d stop at the beach where they’d stand, arms outstretched. Amidst the grey and sombre sky, water splashed up as the waves rolled in. The wind blew and the rain fell as hundreds of strange figures clad in weathered coats embraced the elements. Although you would suffer no judgement for thinking this was a hostile take-over of a busy seaside town, it was actually an innocuous gathering of meditators.


This brief story tells a small part of a week-long retreat held by Dr. Joe Dispenza that I didn’t attend but heard lots about. I’ve heard the story and seen it in my mind’s eye so many times I feel as though I was there, like a fly on the wall. The image makes me laugh, as I consider the thoughts in people’s minds as they happened across this mass of human ants, all walking the same line.


In our society, we have a slightly warped view of meditation, and scenes like this probably enhance that. When I work with clients seeking improvement in life, I always recommend meditation and mindfulness. I’m regularly met with dismissive comments about meditation and misunderstandings of mindfulness. The link between hypnosis, meditation and mindfulness is strong. In this article, I’ll explain the connection and why using meditation, mindfulness and hypnosis will benefit you.




Meditation, Mindfulness and Hypnosis for Holistic Wellbeing


The intricate interplay between mindfulness, meditation, and hypnotherapy provides huge opportunities for self-exploration and transformation. Each practice illuminates a unique facet of the human experience, and together they intertwine, to form a powerful base for inner growth and holistic well-being.




Mindfulness, the art of present moment awareness, serves as a foundational pillar for your journey. It helps you cultivate a non-judgmental and accepting attitude towards your thoughts, emotions, and sensations. By embracing the present moment with curiosity and openness, mindfulness enables you to witness the ebb and flow of your life. You’ll take the lead rein, so you ride the waves without losing yourself in the currents. Through heightened awareness, you can develop a deep understanding of yourself, your pattern of thinking, and your reaction to the world around you.


Mindfulness will halt the anxious thinking – ruminating on the day before or worrying about tomorrow. You’ll stop trying to run from emotions and physical feelings that you previously considered unhelpful and unnecessary. Instead, you’ll embrace the full human experience, as you find an unwavering ability to sit with your feelings in the present. You’ll accept life as ‘is’ and stop any judgement. Life becomes a wonderful adventure to explore, and you’ll feel calm and grounded despite any feelings that previously bothered you.





Meditation is a natural companion to mindfulness, which takes you further along the path of self-discovery. It offers a dedicated space for stillness and inner reflection, allowing you to delve into the depths of your consciousness. As you sit in silent contemplation, you’ll learn to quiet the incessant chatter of your mind, transcending the noise and distractions of everyday life. Through regular practice, meditation cultivates a profound sense of inner peace, resilience, and clarity, guiding you towards greater self-realisation.


Meditation is a technique that increases your ability to live mindfully. Some consider it a form of brain training, and it takes as much commitment and dedication as any form of muscle training. The more regular your practice, the stronger your brain.


Additionally, meditation helps calm your body and mind by activating your body’s relaxation response, counteracting the effects of stress. Meditation provides a refuge from the demands of daily life, offering a tranquil space for rejuvenation and restoration.




Hypnotherapy, with its roots in the power of suggestion and subconscious exploration, complements the practices of mindfulness and meditation. It harnesses the state of hypnosis (the same brain state as meditation) to achieve a state of deep focus. In this state of mind, you have the control to ignore external stimuli and more easily access your deep-seated beliefs, memories, and emotions. By tapping into this realm, hypnotherapy empowers individuals to explore and transform limiting beliefs, heal emotional wounds, and reframe their perception of reality. It enables the integration of positive suggestions and imagery, aligning the conscious and unconscious mind towards desired outcomes.




Mindfulness, Meditation and Hypnotherapy


In unison, mindfulness, meditation, and hypnotherapy form a harmonious synergy, creating a transformative journey of self-awareness, healing, and personal growth. As you become more attuned to the present moment through mindfulness, meditation deepens your connection with your inner self. Hypnotherapy provides direction and facilitates profound shifts, catalysing lasting change in your thoughts, behaviours, and well-being. By embracing these practices, you’ll embark on a transformative journey that will lead you towards a more balanced, resilient, and authentic existence.