Does Hypnotherapy Work to Quit Smoking?


does hypnotherapy work to quit smoking?


Smoking – if only you could take yourself back to the first time you tried it. The bitter taste of smoke and soreness in your throat. It makes you cough, and some people can taste the chemicals as they breathe them in. Not really something to relish. But you were young and desperate to fit in. You made dam sure you enjoyed those cigarettes. Unfortunately, now you really do. Your first thought when you wake up in the morning is the cigarette you are about to smoke. The last thing you do before you fall asleep at night. Your deepest relationship is with tobacco, and you want to break up.





Hypnotherapy for Smoking


hypnotherapy for smokingHypnotherapy for smoking cessation is the most well-known use of hypnotherapy. When I tell people that I work as a hypnotherapist, the response regularly includes something about hypnotherapy for smoking. So, does hypnotherapy work for smoking? Research shows that hypnotherapy is a successful method to stop smoking. It is not the only method to stop smoking and other methods work well too. If you have tried everything, but still find yourself buying cigarettes or tobacco. Still craving and thinking about smoking all the time, hypnotherapy will help you change your thoughts to make quitting the habit easier.


How does Hypnotherapy work for Smoking?


Hypnotherapy for smoking works by modifying the way you think about smoking and helping you redirect your thoughts of smoking to something healthier. The smoking cessation programme I follow is a two-session programme. I hold the sessions one week apart. In the first session, we discuss your reasons for wanting to stop smoking. It is better if the desire to stop is internal, and money is not a priority. I find that people struggle when someone else pressurises them into the sessions. Money is rarely a good enough reason to try and quit smoking. Most of us can find a way around finances when the desire is great.


We will discuss mindfulness and how a mindful lifestyle can help you live fully when you stop smoking. I attempt to get to the root of your smoking habit. Although smoking is an addiction or habit, there are times you smoke for other reasons (sometimes unknowingly). Do you enjoy the regular five-minute break that smoking brings, for example? When there is a secondary gain from smoking, we seek to find an alternative that will bring the same benefit without the smoke.


In the first session, we briefly discuss the health benefits of quitting smoking, the power of the mind, and how you can use it to your advantage, and the disadvantages of smoking. This does not make up a large part of the session, because most people have this awareness already.


In the break between the two sessions, I give you some rules to follow that will make changing your habits easier.




The Second Session


stop smokingIn the second session, we use hypnosis to change the beliefs in your mind. The intention is primarily for you to take on the belief you do not smoke. In addition, I will use suggestions to make other habits more appealing. Hypnosis helps you find a state of mind in which you can use the power of thought optimally. Consider yourself at the brain gym. The more you use hypnosis, the stronger your control over your thoughts becomes.


Does Hypnotherapy Really Work for Quitting Smoking?


The research shows that hypnosis works, but no more so than any other intervention. For some people, hypnosis is the key to quitting smoking. Other people find it is not the magic wand they hope. Hypnosis is a powerful tool. People who use meditation regularly have incredible control over their mind. The same is true for hypnosis. People use hypnosis to undergo surgery without anaesthesia. People use hypnosis to do crazy things, like stick needles through their arm. When you use hypnosis to take control of your own mind and body, you can achieve anything. When you use hypnosis to stop smoking, keep in mind that the hypnotherapist is not doing something to you, rather they teach you how to use hypnosis to become the master of your mind.




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