Can Hypnotherapy Help Cure Anxiety?


hypnotherapy cure anxietyIf someone were a fly on your wall they would observe a mostly typical life. They might find a few things odd, the times when you can’t leave the house. Or when you drive to the supermarket and immediately turn around because your feelings make it too difficult to get out of the car and walk inside. However, externally, it appears that you go through life just like everyone else. 


Inside though it does not feel like that at all. You feel completely different from everyone around you. Your life feels so much harder and you find problems with everything. Sometimes you achieve amazing things, but no one notices when you disappear off the face of the earth for two months as you struggle to contact anyone or do anything. They congratulate you on your successes and say they wish they were like you, which feels weird to you because all you want is to be anything but you.


As you strive to feel like everyone else, to improve yourself, to achieve more you succeed but it does not shake the feelings. You still don’t feel good enough. You still struggle every day with your thoughts. Everyone thinks it is easy for you, you try to explain but they cannot see the turmoil you feel inside. No matter what you do, the feelings remain. Bizarrely, as you trudge through life as though it’s quicksand dragging you deeper and deeper, making it harder and harder to walk, other people seem to think you have it easy. They only see the results – not the challenges you face getting there. 




panic attackAnxiety creates a lot of physical symptoms too. You regularly feel scared as you notice the heart palpitations and wonder if there is something wrong. You breathe in a laborious way, short fast breaths that push against a tight chest. Sometimes you have diarrhoea or constipation. You feel restless and tense as you sweat through the nerves with an overwhelming feeling of dread. Sometimes these feelings feel easier to deal with. When you stay in your safe place they fade. The thoughts though, remain. 


This is anxiety and I wonder if it is controversial to say anxiety is not an illness, or even a problem. After all, the The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders list anxiety as a disorder. I suspect, when you experience anxiety you definitely think it’s a problem.


Anxiety is a reaction your body has when your brain perceives something as a threat to your life. Anxiety is therefore not the problem, this response is a life saving mechanism that you may need one day. The problem is whatever it is in your life that causes your body to enter this state.


Can Hypnotherapy Help With Anxiety?


hypnotherapy for anxietyYes hypnotherapy definitely helps with anxiety, however it is important to acknowledge that, whilst the symptoms of anxiety tend to cause further anxiety, it is important to explore the root problem. I like to use the analogy of two people who each have a tiredness induced headache. One option is to go to bed and catch up on sleep. The other is to take pain relief and carry on as normal. I subscribe to the belief that if we deal with the source of the issue the problems it causes will dissipate. Therapy will help you to do this. 




Hypnotherapy for Anxiety


mindfulness for anxietyHypnotherapy can help with anxiety in two ways. Primarily, I believe it is important to meet you where you are. Hypnotherapy techniques, specifically mindfulness and breathing techniques will help you to manage the feelings of anxiety. This will give you the ability to do the things you need to do a little more easily. Once you feel more in control of your mind and body we can work together to find the cause of your anxiety. You can reprocess thoughts and emotions to help your brain perceive your normal experiences as safe.


I like to dig deep and take a holistic approach. Many things cause anxious feelings, from the foods you eat to traumatic experiences of the past. In my rose tinted mind we will explore every facet of you, in reality this is not always possible but I do guarantee a profundity to the sessions so you feel aware of how your lifestyle contributes to your anxiety and what changes you can make to improve your feelings.


Can Hypnotherapy Cure Anxiety?


I have difficulty with the word cure, because anxiety is this natural state that your body should enter when necessary. To cure anxiety is to rid you of a part of you that exists with purpose. Hypnotherapy will help you eliminate unnecessary anxiety and manage any feelings that arise so they do not snowball into something that you cannot control. I offer a free initial consultation to chat through how I can help you. Please click the below button to book this now. 







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