How Hypnotherapy Can Improve Your Communication Skills



Your reaction to a situation literally has the power to change the situation itself. A quote by an unknown author that has the power to change all of us. There are so many situations in which communication skills have importance. At work, by communicating in a different way your whole team might work more productively. At home you will feel heard and part of a team. With friends you will find greater understanding and connection.

I am a great advocate for non-violent communication. It is not something I have qualifications in, neither do I remember to practice what I preach as much as I wish. However, I regularly share the non-violent communication instruction videos and a favourite go to in my therapy room are the non-violent communication feelings and needs cards.

Whilst hypnotherapy is not a guide to powerful communication it is a powerful tool to strengthen the underlying qualities you need to improve your communication skills. Here are some ways that you can improve your communication skills with hypnotherapy.




Understand Yourself


Hypnotherapy sessions give you time and space to explore your inner most thoughts and feelings. When you take time for introspection you recognise in greater depth your own feelings and needs. It is understandably difficult to explain to someone else what you feel or need when you do not fully understand yourself.


A hypnotherapist will help you dissect your feelings and find ways to communicate what you feel in a clearer way. Most every day words do not describe exactly what you feel in enough detail for someone else to truly understand what is happening internally for you. For example, the sentence; “my heart is pounding, my muscles feel tense, I want to shout and feel like my head Is about to explode” is so much clearer than “I feel angry”.


When you can describe your own feelings, you have the power to explain what you need. Following the above sentence you might say, “I need some space and time to help my body move back into a calmer state. Please help me breathe slowly and deeply. I am going to take myself into an empty room so I can scream loudly and release some emotion. I will let you know when I am ready to come together again”.


Always be as specific as possible. I recently spoke with a friend who told me that when someone asks her for space, she will give them space until they tell her otherwise. When this space is still given weeks later it might cause a situation where each party creates a story in their mind about what is going on for the other. If you want time out, specify how much time you need or alert people when you feel comfortable with company again.


Feel in control



Hypnotherapy, in conjunction with mindfulness, will help you live mindfully so that you feel in control of your reactions. There is a lot in life that we are not in control of. Heck, we cannot even control how we feel most of the time. A mindful way of living means accepting your feelings, without judgement. I love the analogy that feelings are like colours, so many different ones and all as valid as each other. When you live with acceptance of your feelings you feel in control.


As humans we strive to feel in control, what this often means is trying to control. Ironically accepting a lack of control tends to help us feel in control. When you do feel in control of your own life communicating becomes easier. You will have the capacity to consider how you react to situations and explain what you need in a clearer way.





Lastly, but not of least importance, you might know exactly how you feel and what you need but not feel confident enough to express it. Hypnosis is a great tool to increase your confidence. A hypnotherapist will use hypnotherapy techniques within a session to help you improve your confidence levels and give you tools to use at home to help you in the moment.


Whilst hypnotherapy does not necessarily help you learn new communication skills (though a hypnotherapist with experience in communication will do this) it will help you to achieve the optimum state to effectively use the communication skills you know already or will go forward and learn.










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