What is Infertility and its signs?


infertility sperm swimming away from eggInfertility is a confusing word. The dictionary definition is straightforward.


“A state of being unable to produce offspring”.#


If you are infertile, you will experience infertility. Some people are infertile because of a condition or medical intervention that prevents the reproductive system functioning. When you have a known condition, you know that you will not conceive without help. You also know if you had a medical intervention that affected your reproductive system.  


If you have a condition that affects your reproductive system falling pregnant feels more of a challenge however it does not necessarily render you infertile. So, what is infertility?

What does infertility mean?


The World Health Organisation define infertility as the failure to conceive after one or more years of trying through unprotected sex every 2-3 days. The WHO and NHS recognition of infertility is not whether you are or are not infertile.


There are so many factors contributing to conception it is hard at times to pin down the exact problem. Your mental health, for example might have as much to do with it as your partner’s sperm. If you choose to explore your fertility issue with a medical specialist, they will run tests and you will learn whether there is an explanation for your infertility or not.


If you have tried to conceive naturally for a year or more there are some signs of infertility that will give you an inkling of a physical restriction.


Signs of infertility in women


If you do not experience typical periods there is something going on in your body that might also affect your fertility. A typical menstrual cycle lasts between 21 and 35 days, is regular and does not cause severe pain (though discomfort is typical). If your menstrual cycle is outside of these brackets but is consistent this is less of a concern, any change from your norm might show signs of something that will cause fertility issues.


Signs of infertility in men


Signs of fertility issues in men are less obvious. Mumps during puberty can cause inflammation of the testicles which might affect sperm production. An undescended testicle is another risk factor. Whilst most men with problems do not have any signs, if you have any pain or sexual dysfunction you should investigate it.


What can I do about it?


The NHS recommend speaking to your GP if you have not conceived after one year of unprotected sex every 2-3 days. If you are over 36 or know you have a physical restriction the recommendation is to speak to your GP sooner. A reproductive endocrinologist will perform tests to see if there is a physical impediment. There are interventions that they will recommend for you in all situations, explained or unexplained infertility. You have a choice whether you choose to follow the recommendations.


If you do not want to take the medical route, there are many other things to explore. Many of these options are complementary so you can use them exclusively or alongside other medical / natural treatments.




Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for Fertility


The first step in using hypnosis for infertility is to work out what you want to achieve. Is your end goal to conceive or do you need help with feelings of overwhelm? Do you feel traumatised by your experience and need support with feelings of trauma, or do you want to increase the chances of your IVF success? Perhaps you fear needles and know that you will need to inject yourself daily.


Hypnotherapy will help all of this and more. My clients and I always have an initial consultation before we start any therapeutic work. This is free of charge, and I ask about twenty questions which help me to understand your problem and what you want to achieve. By doing so I know the best way to work. I find that this exploration time helps those with a muddled mind to see the wood for the trees. We plan the therapy time together, so you get the best outcome for you.


The time I spend with each infertility client is different because the desired outcome is not ever the same. If you feel overwhelmed or have difficulties with any aspect of your fertility journey, I welcome you to book a free initial consultation. We will explore your situation together and see if there is a way, I can help you feel more in control and comfortable with your choices and increase your chances of pregnancy should this be your goal.





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