Change Requires Change


help for anxietyI recently received a message from an acquaintance volunteering in an anxiety support community. She asked me whether my clients find it easy or difficult to find the support they require to recover. This person felt concerned about the lack of awareness of the many services that exist to help others. Her specific worry is that this is a huge roadblock for those trying to recover. Sometimes a lack of awareness does create barriers.


Recently I mentioned to an osteopath that I have been doing a lot of work for the charity AnxietyUK. She expressed an interest and told me that she did not know the charity or services like it exist. I understand, after facilitating an anxiety support group recently I left with a long list of local charities that offer mental health support. All unknown to me but used by one of the attendees. Supportive services are unfortunately not thrown in our faces. Other than a few large charities most do not have the funding for large advertising campaigns.


stop wishing start doingWhen the question was put to me about the ease of finding services, I did a quick web search. I used the search phrase ‘help for anxiety’. The first entry below the paid for adverts, is an NHS page with a list of thirty-eight national charities that offer support. I believe that a similar search with a more specific search term would give more services. Feeling overwhelmed can block motivation and the ease of change, however it is necessary to find the road to recovery.


Seek out the support you need


seek out supportI believe in a holistic approach. I work with a client that has anxiety; over the long period of time, we have been working together his anxiety has reduced dramatically. However, the real change occurred when he had a pacemaker fitted. The heart problem was not something new and the anxiety was not related to fears of a heart attack or similar. It just so happened that when the heart regulated the mind followed.


Similarly, I work with another client that has a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome. We have reduced the fatigue significantly with a proactive approach to timetabling and regular self-care. However, at the last session she told me about an appointment with a concussion specialist. The discussion has prompted her to acknowledge a possible minor brain injury from a fall two years ago. The specialist appears to work holistically, and the client has exercises to follow that should reduce some symptoms that she thought were because of the CFS. We discussed that it could be these symptoms causing the CFS.


Sometimes you will benefit from seeking a wide range of therapists. I work with a client that has a poor self-image. She confessed that a large part of her focus is the curve in her back. Well, let us get you to a chiropractor who can help with that whilst we work on your self-esteem. Seeking out the support you require rather than waiting for it to come to you will bring you back to the life path you wish for yourself.




Finding a resolution


learn to love my lifeA typical hypnotherapy session with me involves finding the root cause of the problem and using techniques to change that so the problem does not occur. When I work with someone that is drinking more alcohol than they feel comfortable with we take it back to the point at which they make the decision to buy alcohol. What happened at that point, what was it that caused that decision? When I work with someone who wishes to change their diet, we explore the reasons that they find it difficult and see what can change so it becomes easier.


In a hypnotherapy session I can use hypnosis to create a space for you to focus intently on what you wish to achieve. We can use therapeutic tools to manipulate your mindset and make the changes easier. However, I will also give you practical tools to use at home. In between sessions there will be exercises for you to do yourself.


Change via Collaboration


commit to recoveryOur work is a collaborative project that involves me preparing a hypnotherapy session and delivering it during the one hour we have together. And you committing to the tasks I give you in between sessions. The familiar option often feels like the easiest option, whether that is rational or not. For example, one client finds it easier to drive a ten-mile round trip to a shop to buy a bottle of wine in the evening than plonking herself on the sofa without. The drive when already tried from a busy day should not be easier. Because it is the familiar and leaves the brain feeling safer it feels easier.


Therefore, being proactive is necessary. If I recommend that you go out for a half hour walk each day come rain or shine it will take motivation, you will need to commit to a proactive approach. When you arrive home you will feel more positive than before you left and that is why the effort is worth it. Frustratingly sometimes it is hard work, dedication, effort and commitment that create the changes.






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