Adapting your Mindset


The World is constantly revolving and evolving, take us along with it for the ride. Sometimes we feel that ride, like a roller coaster looping the next loop before you have had time to process the last. Using meditation or hypnosis gives your body a real chance to reset and the opportunity to quieten your mind – alongside this there are some techniques to adapt your mindset so that the world’s changes become an orchard of opportunities ripe for the plucking.




  1. Switch things up

changeIf your norm is to stick to a rigid routine, try mixing things up. If Friday night is your date night swap it to a Tuesday. Instead of going to the same gym class each week pick a different one more spontaneously based on what you fancy rather than what you always do.

Contrasting this if you are generally more spontaneous see what happens when you create a routine. Write a plan to follow for a couple of weeks.

By doing so you learn what aspects of your life work well with a strict structure and what feels better when impulsive. It also enables you to become more adaptable to a changing environment that flips between uncontrollable change and inflexible restrictions.


  1. Rest your mind

contemplatingMeditating allows you to still your mind. This takes practise so a daily meditation exercise is important to refine your technique. Meditation changes the activity within the brain. Dr Josipovic at New York University studies the brains of monks. He notes how monks cultivate attentional skills through regular meditation. Most people use the extrinsic and default portions of the brain separately. The extrinsic part of the brain activates when we focus on external tasks like making a cup of coffee. The default part when we reflect internally. The research has found that accomplished meditators are able to keep both neural networks active at the same time. This indicates a strengthening of the brain through regular meditation practise.


meditation health

  1. Create a varied life through choice

Switch your coffee to a hot chocolate, sign up for local clubs and meet some new people. Take a holiday at a different time of year or have a sun holiday instead of snow. This diversity helps you to process information and increase your integrative complexity.



    1. Dream!

      Progressive relaxation


In addition to focusing your mind with meditation, allocate time to let your mind wander and dream. Keep a note of the thoughts that come into your mind during this time, giving yourself the chance to work through any problems and creatively find solutions. Research has demonstrated that those who daydream increase their creative thinking, compassion, self – awareness and future planning.


Open communication

  1. Seek to understand before being understood

Instinct can sometimes get the better of us. Do you find that you sometimes answer questions instinctively without questioning, why? Give yourself enough time to begin conversations with the intent of understanding the perspective of the person speaking before answering or giving your opinion. You will find a different way of viewing problems if you can understand an alternate perspective.


Open Mindedness




Open mindedness is the primary tool that the above techniques develop. Allowing an openness to new ideas, points of view and solutions, converts constrained perceptions of external changes. Open mindedness is a learnt skill. The above ideas will open your mind enough to not only settle but find greater opportunity in the world surrounding you.

As your mind becomes more open, any confirmation bias will become noticeable. If you listen to a podcast that confirms your belief, listen to a podcast that confirms the opposite. Give yourself the power to make fully informed opinions. Open mindedness brings great benefits.


  • As you gain insight you will learn new things about yourself.
  • Bringing new things into your life will help you to learn new things enabling personal growth and development.
  • Open mindedness gives a greater sense of optimism. Research has demonstrated that optimism reduces anxiety
  • As you open your mind to new ideas you will experience new things. Whilst you might choose to climb Mount Everest you will also find local places such as hidden gardens and tiny coffee shops.
  • Knowledge and experience help to create mental strength. You will become stronger and more able to cope with different changes as you journey through life.