Positive living to change your reality


Whether you are a spiritual thinker or purely evidence based there is no question that positive living is beneficial to life. Positive living has been shown to positively enhance


Life span


the immune system


Heart health



Here are three ways that you can use positive thinking and living in your life to change your reality.


Positive affirmations


The brain is very clever, far cleverer than many of us realise. The science of neuroplasticity considers the brain malleable like plastic. It grows and develops in response to its use. Continued “same” thoughts help the pathway to grow and become stronger and as the pathways get stronger it becomes easier to recreate the though. The more you use a particular pathway the more it will connect to other areas of the brain so less consequential events activate it.


An easy way to understand this is to think about learning a new language. If you spend a year learning a language, move to the country of that language and speak only that language for the next five years it would become extremely easy for you to find the words. We would speak them without thought. If you move back to the country of your mother tongue and do not speak the new language for five years, it will become difficult to find the words.


In the late 1800s – early 1900s, French psychologist and pharmacist Émile Coué developed a technique that he called conscious autosuggestion. Coué asked his clients to say the mantra “Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better” twenty times a day. He found that these clients would get better far quicker than others that did not use the mantra. Coué did not view himself as a healer, rather that he taught others how to cure themselves.


You can take this example and use it to enhance your life. If you think positive thoughts and say positive things regularly the positive pathways in your brains will be so strong that it will be easy to have continual positive thoughts and positive results will come from this.





Gratitude journal


self respectWriting a gratitude journal has been shown to improve sleep, reduce the symptoms of illness, and lead to greater happiness. With the intention to be more grateful and happier commit to your daily gratitude journal. A weekly journal has been shown to boost happiness.


The efficacy is greater if you make your gratitude journal personal and meaningful. Rather than clutching at straws to create a long drawn out list, choose a couple of things that are significant and relevant to your life. Explore the finer detail of your thoughts as you write what you are grateful for. Yesterday I was grateful to have spent the day with friends. This is a true statement but when I explore why I find the depth. I am grateful to have laughed out loud many times throughout the day. Feelings of comfort as my friend felt comfortable enough to fall asleep on my sofa, in front of the log burning stove, after indulging in a roast dinner and red wine. I enjoyed our conversations as they are friends that I learn greatly from. As we spoke, I reflected on my thoughts and philosophies giving me a deeper understanding of myself. A focus on things tends to be less beneficial than people and experiences.


Live your reality


Self care
Those that believe in manifestation will express the belief that we decide what we want and how we want to live and to achieve it live that reality.


As an example, you pursue the dream of living in a large detached five-bedroom home. So, when in the lounge of your two up two down behave as if you are in one room of your large detached five-bedroom home.

If you dream of living in the forest; when you walk in your closest forest, walk around with the thought in mind that it is your garden. Live your dream in whatever imaginative way you can.


This way of living is a spiritual way of living rather than evidence based. Some of the most successful people use the technique and credit it for their success. After all, achieving great things takes commitment, determination, and motivation. Living in this way takes all those things and sets you on the path of success. As said by Will Smith,


“Decide what it’s going to be, who you are going to be, how you’re going

to do it. Just decide and from that point the universe is going to get out of your way. I feel very

strongly that we are who we choose to be”








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