How many hypnotherapy sessions will it take to help me lose weight?


You want to lose weight and you’ve been pondering over whether you should contact a hypnotherapist for a while, but you’re worried about how many sessions you’re going to need. You are trying to find out how many hypnosis sessions for weight loss but it’s not ever clear.


An immediate fix to your problem is what you seek. You aren’t sure how much money you want to spend on the sessions, and you don’t have that much time on your hands.


Sometimes it’s just easier to live with the problem than try to fix it!


It is my estimation that most people will have around four weekly sessions of hypnotherapy to help them reduce their weight. Sometimes people will choose to continue to ‘check in’ with monthly or twice monthly sessions for a longer period as a preventative measure.


On my website you can purchase a quick fix weight loss session. This is an exact replica of a hypnosis session for weight loss and includes many of the techniques mentioned below that you can put into action at home. 


What is the first step?


All my clients have a free initial consultation prior to starting sessions. In this consultation we will discuss how many hypnosis sessions for weight loss you will need.


I have a list of around twenty-five carefully crafted questions designed to help you think about your challenge of losing weight in a different way to how you normally think. When I ask these questions, I get the information I need to know the best way that we can work together. The questions will help you to view the situation in a way that you have not been able to before.


Many people leave their initial consultation feeling like their eyes have opened and as though they can see a way out of the overwhelm. When given the opportunity to explore your thoughts and feelings the answers will come easily and naturally. You will find that you are more aware of yourself than you ever realised.


At the same time, we can discuss a plan to begin your weight loss journey that feels like small steps instead of a giant leap. When you leave the initial consultation, you will know that your future is manageable, and you will succeed.


In the initial consultation we will discuss what is going to help you to lose the weight you want to lose. Do you need to reduce your portions, change your food choices, do more exercise or a combination of all three?


Exercise Motivation


The key to finding a sustainable exercise plan is to ensure that it is going to fit in with your lifestyle.


I know that I can help you to feel motivated to exercise. Yes, I can help you to enjoy exercise. Absolutely, I can help you to feel confident enough to exercise. I cannot give you extra hours in your day.


Together we will put together a plan that will fit in with your day. It is obvious that if you exercise intensely for an hour three times a week you will lose more weight than if you go for a walk around the block twice a week. However, we are a team. It is my job to find out what you can fit into your life and ensure that the hypnosis work we do aligns with your lifestyle. I can motivate you to exercise and create a plan with you in one hypnotherapy session.


Change your food choices


Having trained with a nutritional therapist in nutrition for hypnotherapists, I am able to give you some pointers with regards to healthy and less healthy food choices. I do not want you to neglect some sessions with a qualified nutritional therapist, who will be able to delve deeper into what are the best food choices for you. However, in a general sense I do have the ability to guide you nutritionally. I can use hypnotic aversion techniques to ensure you feel repulsed by specific foods if you are finding it difficult to stop eating something.

Using hypnosis, we can work together to change the way your brain craves food. Ensuring that you are more inclined to reach for the crunchy, green salad and apples, or the protein packed chicken and fish instead of the bland bread and pasta.


In one session we can change your food preferences.


Controlling your portions


The biggest inhibitor to portion control is the mind body connection. Without a constant consideration of the two there is a disconnect that can prevent thoughtful living. Within our sessions – beginning at the initial consultation – we will work on your mind body connection.


You will naturally think about whether you need to eat before you do. When you are mid meal you will be able to eat mindfully, observing yourself as you do and thinking fully before you eat more. I will not suggest prohibiting food types so you will no longer feel an urge to eat things because “tomorrow will be a better day”. Instead you will eat what you want but only as much as you need.


A greater awareness of yourself is an ongoing journey. We can cover your portion control in one session, you may like to continue coming back for sessions periodically to continue to work on your mind body connection. This is something that you will choose to do if you feel that it is improving your life, however it is not essential.




The initial consultation may uncover some life experiences, possibly related to your difficulty in losing weight, that 

you feel have been negatively affecting you. If this is the case, you can choose to have some sessions with me that 

are more therapy based.


I can use a variety of techniques using my clinical hypnotherapy and psychotherapy experience in conjunction with my qualification in trans-personal psychology to work in a holistic way enabling you to find a positive way through. You can decide to come as regularly as you wish for as many sessions as it takes to help you feel more positive.

When we work in this way, I will combine the previously mentioned techniques into the sessions so that you benefit from hypnotic techniques designed to reduce your weight alongside the therapy.




I hope this guide gives you an insight into how many hypnosis sessions for weight loss, please contact me if you would like a more personalised answer.