4 things to remember if you actually want to lose weight


Weight loss adviceIf you are overweight there are some things that will be happening for you, the first is unsolicited diet advice. It’s a complete shock when it happens but it happens! It’s kind of why I feel uncomfortable writing this blog post. As a hypnotherapist I help a lot of people lose weight, but they are all people that have come to me, asking for my help. I hope that you have found this blog post through a weight loss search and it hasn’t jumped out at you like a dark gremlin ready to give you unsolicited weight loss advice whenever you scroll by.

The other thing you will consider a lot is seating. Will I be able to sit in a provided chair or do I need to lose weight fast? This is an uncomfortable burden to life that no one needs to mull over. Seating should always be made with this in mind.Will I fit into the chair

Neither of these issues mean that you should change. I am a firm believer in happiness and health come first. I applaud organisations and individuals that embrace variety. None of us need to change to meet the views of some others. It is also ok to want to change.

If you feel that your weight is not where you want it to be there are a few key things that you can change to help you on your journey to your ideal weight.


How do you feel your best?


Sometimes I wake up and I just feel, right. I’m not sure what that means but it’s definitely a good day!

Girl feeling goodWhat is it that makes you feel amazing? Those rare moments when you look in the mirror and love what you see. Or you walk down the street able hold your head high because you feel good. Is there a particular dress that you can fit into? Is it the jeans you have managed to slip on easily? Do you simply feel it in yourself? Can you run up the stairs without getting out of breath? We all have moments, as fleeting as they may be when we feel good. Try to find a moment in your mind when you felt content in your body. It may be many years ago, or it may have been yesterday. It may have lasted five minutes or five years.

What was it in that moment that enabled you to feel that good? You need to know this, because the weight on the scales is irrelevant if you do not feel good when you get there. Instead of focusing on a specific weight focus on that positive feeling you know you can find in certain circumstances and use the specific circumstance as your target to lose weight.


Spontaneous snacks count!


No matter how small or unplanned it is, spontaneous snacking can ruin weight loss efforts. You stop at the coffee shop every morning and purchase an americano. It’s a sprinkling of coffee and water. It’s all good. But sometimes you see that croissant staring back at you. It’s calling you, at first you try to fight it. You tell yourself that you said you wouldn’t. You were planning to be “good” today. The barista tells you how much you owe. You’re passing your money over and at the very last minute it comes out;

“actually can I have a croissant too please”

Arghhh you berate yourself. You said you wouldn’t. Now you’ve messed everything up. You may as well forget everything, eat it and then eat more.

What if you adapted this way of thinking slightly, and started to think about whether you are hungry and if so what you fancy. Before you enter the coffee shop you stop outside for a minute. You reconnect your mind and body. Think about whether you are hungry. If you are hungry decide what you really fancy. It might not even be sold in the coffee shop. You might need to go elsewhere.

It’s ok to eat!

On the flip side of this is when you stop to think and realise that you aren’t hungry, but you really really fancy a croissant. That’s ok, you can buy it and save it for later. This is the key … save it for later until you are actually hungry.


Plan an eating lifestyle


The weight loss plan that’s going to give you the figure you always wanted is there, right around the corner ready to draw you in and change your life for ever. But that is the exact problem. They aren’t always conducive to your life forever. Most diet plans will aid weight loss. It’s not the diet that’s the problem, it’s the sticking to them. Unless you are trying to lose weight for a short period of time with a view to putting it all back on again your change in eating needs to be a lifestyle change. Align your desired outcome with your capacity for the lifestyle change to find a middle ground that you can be happy with.


Above all else do what makes you feel good… but remember to check in with yourself to know what you really mean by feel good.


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