Adele Weight Loss


Adele weight loss – what does that phrase mean to you? How did Adele lose weight? What diet did Adele go on to lose weight? How much weight did Adele lose?

These are just some of the questions that google has been asked to make the phrase ‘Adele Weight Loss’ the most searched weight loss phrase over the last few months, according to Wordtracker.

What is it about humans that makes us want to know more and more in the way that we do? Intrigue at what Adele looks like now, secretly wondering how she did it and whether you could too?

I would like to tell you that yes you can. You can lose weight and maintain it with a few small tweaks to your lifestyle.



Diet and Training


Adele weight lossAdele’s achieved her weight loss through a specific diet and rigorous training programme. Is this something you could commit to? Not many can, I have been helping people to lose weight since 2008. Alongside reading, attending courses, and learning as much as I can, a large part of what I have learnt has come through the experience of speaking to my you, my clients, the biggest thing that I have learnt is that strict plans rarely work.


How many different weight loss plans have you tried? Do you find that every plan you try works, until you feel bored of it or reach your ideal weight and then revert to the old way of eating? This is what almost everyone I work with has done in the past. It doesn’t work because the old way is the problem. The old way will always end with the same result. You need a change that you can sustain for life. Strict plans are difficult to sustain for long periods of time.


I would like to share some of what I know works so that you can change your eating style to achieve what you want to achieve. Whether that be Adele’s weight loss or your own. These are sustainable changes that you can make to achieve weight loss easily and for life.


Food is Fuel


Treat your body like you do your car, put fuel in it when it needs it but do not over fill it. Sometimes you will put a small amount of fuel in your car, other times you will fill it to the top. Sometimes you let it go until you only have the tiniest bit left, other times you fill it up when you have only used a small amount. These differences do not matter – what is relevant is that you don’t ever over fill your car. The can think about your food consumption in the same way. Eat until you are full but do not overfill.


After years of overfilling your body it may be difficult to know when you need fuel. The reality is you probably do not even think about whether you are hungry or not. You see food, you fancy it, you eat it. Commit to stopping for ten seconds before you reach for food. In that ten seconds think about whether you need it. Are you hungry or are you craving that food. If you choose not to eat right now the food will still be there later, put it aside for when you need to refuel. The more you do this better you will become at knowing when your body needs food and when it doesn’t. Though I am still struggling with the peanut butter – it tastes so good right?!


Stop when the fuel is up


If you follow the above, you also need to remember to stop when you get to the top. Unfortunately – unlike when filling a car with fuel – there is a delay between your body being fully fuelled and your brain recognising that. It is important to take smaller portions than you may feel familiar. When you have finished eating your portion of food, allow at least fifteen minutes for your body to recognise that the food is there before you take some more. In this moment you may still feel hungry, you may be desperate to reach for some more.


There is no rule that says you cannot have more and also nothing to stop you taking more and putting it aside for later but do try to give your brain and body time to synchronise. Reassess, count to ten and eat more if you need more. Continually check in with your fuel gauge to see where you are at.




Be Mindful of Your Food Choices


When you fill up your car you stop and think – petrol or diesel. Well I do, every time, because we’ve switched between the two and I don’t want to get it wrong. Having said that – it is a continual relief every time I remember to be mindful of my choice, alongside the nightmare imagery of the day I forget to consider it!


With regards to your food choices, providing you are only refuelling when your body needs it you shouldn’t have too much of a problem. Health is a primary concern for me, but I know that it isn’t a priority for everybody. When you take your ten seconds to consider whether you are needing more fuel, also consider what fuel you want or need.

It is important that you satisfy cravings. I recently told a friend how much I crave bread and butter. She asked me whether it’s the salty butter I like – she said to me that sometimes she’ll eat a spoonful of butter. When you feel like your craving isn’t the best choice for your body dissect it. What is it that you really want? Once you know and you have checked in with your body that you are needing some fuel have a small amount of what it is you have chosen. When you have finished the small amount reassess – do you need more, or should you wait until later?


Take Control

Adele weight loss

From early childhood, food is so often used as control. Society gives children praise for finishing their food or being “good eaters”. If only we praise for listening to their body instead – just as they are born doing.


Let’s take it that one step further and say – if only we listened to the baby instead of putting them on a feeding routine.


As the baby grows into a toddler he or she gets food for “being good” or when they are sad; “eat some food it will make you feel better”. As the child grows; “finish all of your dinner and you can have an ice cream”.


It is no wonder we are a bunch of adults that do not know how to listen to our own bodies. As an adult you are in control of what you eat and when you eat it. You no longer need to eat the dinner before the ice cream or finish your dinner before you have dessert. You no longer need to eat food to make yourself feel better. As you start to view your food as exactly what it is – fuel for your body, you will be more considerate with your choices. You will stop overeating in order to reward yourself with the ice cream because you are in control and know that you can choose the ice cream and just the ice cream if it is what you need. Chocolate at 9am, no problem.


I urge you to be mindful of the health implications, if chocolate is your thing go for a dark chocolate – 100% cacao if you can. If ice cream is your thing look for the healthier ice creams or make your own with healthier ingredients. Be mindful of your body’s fuel gauge, considerate to the fuel type and remember you are in control of the pump.


Quick Fix

Quick fix weight loss buy nowIn my quick fix session for weight loss we focus on the current ideal foods for health, we talk about the body’s processing. When exercise is important and when it isn’t. We also cover what kind of exercise can help with weight loss and what is about keeping you healthy. My quick fix sessions are pre recorded sessions that you can buy instantly. Much like a face to face, private hypnotherapy session there is a video that gives you information on losing weight, some techniques, and ideas for you. There is also a hypnosis audio that focuses on your goal. You can watch and listen in your own home, in your own time completely privately and anonymously.

Adele Weight Loss

As for “Adele weight loss”. Good for her, she must have committed and focused on what she wanted to achieve. Whatever her reason for wanting that outcome I would like to remember that, when she was in a bigger body she was also an incredible singer, a bubbly fun character, full of life and gave millions of people pleasure through her music, as I hope she still is and still does. Health is important, I think we can all find a reason to strive for health. Weight and health often go hand in hand, but no one needs to be a skinny sad person. By focusing on health and happiness your ideal weight should come. You are valid, you are important, you matter regardless of how much fat you have on your body – just like Adele.