Are holiday fears giving you the heebie jeebies?


fear of flying


Has a phobia in your life quashed any holiday dreams? As we approach the holiday season each year I see an increase in clients that want to eradicate a fear of flying. Often people book a holiday a long way in advance and as it approaches start to worry about the flight. Hypnotherapy is well known for helping people to overcome fears and phobias. Flying is the obvious one when it comes to holidays but what about all of the others. Aquaphobia – a fear of water may prevent the traditional beach holiday with hotels using multiple swimming pools and close to the beach as their prime marketing tool. Arachnophobia, the fear of spiders and Ophidiophobia, the fear of snakes. I expect there are few people with either of these phobias that would happily travel to countries such as the USA or Australia.





Fear or Phobia?


A phobia is stronger than a fear. If someone has a fear of flying for example they will usually book the flight without too much concern but then as the flight approaches start to feel anxiety about it. During the flight the anxiety may heighten. The thought of the returning flight may restrict enjoyment of the holiday but the person with the fear will be able to take the flight. The person with a phobia simply will not book a flight at all. Hypnotherapy can help both fears and phobias.


holiday fearAnother thought that can reduce enjoyment in a holiday is a fear of wearing swimwear. More likely a confidence issue that presents in the same way as a fear. As the spring approaches, magazines run features on swimwear, shops have posters everywhere of models in their swimwear. This can be daunting for some and induce a fear response. Hypnotherapy can help increase confidence so you can feel great in your swimwear. Of course for health reasons hypnotherapy can also help with weight loss.


If you are really wanting to book that holiday you know would be a dream if it were not for your holiday fears causing it to be a nightmare or you are feeling anxious as an already booked holiday approaches please do give me a call. I can help with many fears or phobias in just one or two sessions, often with limited time available. Allow yourself to enjoy that holiday.


Extra note: Recently whilst out walking with a friend she told me about a post on a local Facebook page that warned of adders in the forests close to us. The warning was primarily in relation to dogs being bitten but it gave her the heebie jeebies. With a fear of snakes and a love of walking in the forest the post was not something she had wanted to see. It is also perfectly acceptable to seek hypnotherapy for a fear or phobia completely unrelated to going on holiday. Another common fear is that of the dentist. Hypnotherapy for all fears and phobias, no matter how normal or how obscure is worth investigating.






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