All Hypnosis is Self Hypnosis


There is a saying amongst hypnotherapists that “all hypnosis is self hypnosis”. What does this mean and how relevant is it?

The general gist is that the hypnotist is not in control of the hypnotised. The hypnotist is merely a guide or a helper teaching the hypnotised self hypnosis. Once in hypnosis the therapy happens and changes occur. This means that no one is in hypnosis unless they want to be. Well, really it means no one can be hypnotised. If they follow instructions and do as the hypnotist says they will move into the hypnotised state. This understanding of hypnosis might alleviate any fears surrounding hypnosis. It also helps you to enter this powerful state of mind whenever you like. You will use it to your full advantage – to make beneficial changes at home and experience the deepest relaxation when you feel drained.


Self Hypnosis


I am still moving slowly from maternity leave back to part time work. However every client I see this week will go home with self hypnosis tools. The lady that cannot fall back to sleep when she wakes in the night will utilise hypnosis at home. She will learn how to achieve deeper levels of relaxation. She will return to a deep sleep after waking for a toilet break. The teen that struggles with his competitive golf will reach full potential once he starts spending time at home in a hypnotic state. He will use visualisation techniques to prepare him for important competitions. The retired, less mobile woman that struggles to stop thinking about food whilst bored at home has already successfully used self hypnosis to enhance the chocolate aversion we did in her first session. Finally the two hypnobirthing couples that I am working with will be practising self hypnosis techniques daily in the lead up to labour so that they can be used naturally during their births.


If it was merely the hypnosis session that held any importance it really wouldn’t be relevant who ‘did’ the hypnosis; hypnotist or hypnotised but when it becomes apparent that hypnosis is a skill, a tool that we can all learn and use daily with huge, beneficial results it becomes much more interesting. Having a course of therapy with a hypnotherapist is definitely more than just the sessions and gives a valuable gift for life.






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