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Welcome to my website, a space where I try to catch your eye, and explain the heart of my practice.

My journey over 16 years has taught me that true knowledge isn’t about the letters after my name or the timeline of my academic pursuits. It’s about the stories shared, the moments of vulnerability, and the human connection that transforms both you and me. It’s holding space, listening intently, and noticing the patterns within your words and emotions.

Together, we can navigate the complexities of life, embracing both the shadow and the light. So, if you’re seeking more than just a quick fix, and ready to make lasting changes, you’re in the right place. Let’s embark on this journey together. Read more about my approach here


Sounds confusing, right? Hypnotherapy with psychotherapy is my original qualification, and the reason I call myself a hypnotherapist. Since 2008, when I qualified as a hypnotherapist, I have added other skills to my toolbox. This helps me add depth to my sessions. If you want to know more, I explain it as concisely as possible here.


I’ve come to understand that true knowledge isn’t just about the letters after my name or the timeline of my academic pursuits. It’s about the stories shared, the moments of vulnerability, and the human connection that transforms both you and me. As an ex chaser of certificates, I have a few to share with you here.

I am a member of the CNHC and an Anxiety UK registered therapist.

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Public Speaking

2021 Hypno Summit – Hypnobirthing for the Hypnotherapist

2022 UK Hypnosis Convention – Why Hypnosis isn’t the Therapy.

2022 Hypno Summit – Sleep Disorders: When Hypnosis Alone Doesn’t Do the Trick


2023 UK Hypnosis Convention – The Initial Consultation

2024 UK Hypnosis Convention – The Hidden Power of Values in Raising Self-Esteem



Find your balance, energy & happiness.


You will probably find your questions listed here – if not please contact me to ask.

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“Having an open mind can sometimes be the most difficult thing to find when dealing with emotions. Being able to find the right thoughts maximise positive and nurtured mental health is just as important as physical health but can often be overlooked. Juliet has most definitely helped to guide me into finding the right tools to use to regain the positive mental health balance in a meaningful and purposeful to me. I can truly say having conversations with Juliet, or just taking a moment to sit and think in a safe and comfortable environment was the best thing I have done for myself. I would definitely recommend making that first move to talk to Juliet because everything becomes easy once talking to her.”

“Just a note to say you are a miracle worker (my daughter) returned home a different girl after your session. Heartfelt thanks again.”

“I am so very grateful to Juliet for helping me to stop a ‘picking’ habit that has been with me since I was a toddler. I previously had hypnotherapy about 15 years ago which initially worked well but in recent years had stated to wane. Juliet helped me understand why and how the habit had come back and the influence I could exert over my sub conscious. She only saw me for the sessions that I needed and didn’t encourage me to book additional, unnecessary sessions. I found her online as I didn’t want someone I knew, despite recommendations of other therapists and found her genuine, warm and a true professional. She is an intelligent woman who fully understands the complexities of the mind. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

“Juliet helped me get my life back in order. With hypnotherapy, I have left a destructive long term relationship, stopped smoking and drinking heavily.”

“Juliet had a very calming influence on me as I navigated insomnia and anxiety coming out of lockdown. She was extremely insightful and helped me to reframe many of my concerns to have a more positive outlook on my situation. I also found hypnotherapy immensely helpful to help me get to sleep and am still using recordings to help me sleep today.”

“Juliet helped me enormously with anxiety and panic attacks after going through breast cancer. After my treatment had successfully been treated, I couldn’t understand my feelings of anxiety and panic attacks. Juliet helped me to understand my feelings and gave me coping strategies. Juliet helped me to recognise that some of my feelings were buried deep due to an illness in my childhood. I would not hesitate to recommend Juliet.”

“Juliet was a great help when I turned to her to address some behaviours around snacking and drinking alcohol. I had never seen a hypnotherapist before. She was able to arrange sessions for me at a convenient time. Juliet is warm, has a good sense of humour and was very approachable which made me comfortable discussing sensitive issues with her.

With a small number of sessions I started to see good results combined with other things I was doing to address my problems. I had major breakthroughs in understanding my relationship with food and can’t thank Juliet enough. What I particularly liked was that Juliet never attempted to pressure me into buying more sessions which can often be the case with therapists who want a regular income from vulnerable people. Juliet put me in control of our work together and this gave me the peace of mind that she genuinely cared about me as a client.”

“I saw Juliet as an online hypnotherapist because I was suffering with crippling panic attacks which made it very difficult for me to be left alone and also made it impossible for me leave the house. Getting hypnotherapy over Zoom was very effective for me because I was able to fully relax in my bedroom which really allowed the hypnosis to take effect.

Juliet initially explored my personal history, and so she knew exactly what my traumas and triggers were. She was very easy to open up to and was extremely empathetic. Juliet would start each session by checking in with me, and then she would base the hypnosis on whatever issues were most pressing- for example, when I needed to be left at home alone for a few hours Juliet did a hypnosis focussed on that specific goal. Juliet would then send me an audio recording of the hypnosis after the session which meant that I could listen to it whenever I needed.

If you are struggling with panic attacks and you don’t know if hypnotherapy will work, I would really recommend that you contact Juliet for a few sessions. She will work with you to address the deeper issues as well as the day to day issues. I would estimate that my panic attacks have been reduced by 80% after seeing Juliet for hypnotherapy.”

“Juliet has a kind, calming and positive nature about her. I enjoyed our sessions and always felt refreshed and energised afterwards. I have used Juliet several times over the years, for various reasons, and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her. Juliet is a true professional and will put you at ease.”

 “I saw Juliet back end of 2019 and beginning of 2020 and she changed my whole outlook towards food and body image that I had struggled with for years. I was a binge eater when I started seeing Juliet but had also been anorexic previously and she helped me identify and resolve both issues (essentially an unhealthy relationship with food). Although I had hypnotherapy with her she was also such a brilliant listener, I felt at ease immediately and could tell her anything straightaway without being judged. Juliet changed my life for the better and I now haven’t binged in over 3 months, thank you!”

“I was suffering with anxiety and had a public presentation at work that was exacerbating this so I started to investigate hypnotherapy. Juliet came highly recommended on some local Facebook forums so I decided to reach out to her. Over a short number of sessions Juliet was able to get to the root of the problem and used a selection of approaches (not just hypnotherapy) to help. As a direct result of Juliet’s support I was able to face my presentation with a real sense of confidence and begin a journey of self-healing as I felt that I had become stuck! Juliet has a compassionate, considered and non-judgmental approach to understanding and addressing any concerns that you may have. I am very grateful to have found her and for the help she has given me.”

“Thank you Juliet for the supportive hypnotherapy sessions I had with you. These enabled me to go for a breast screening appointment and to be positive whilst waiting for the result (which was fine!) I am sleeping better and worrying less!”

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