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Thank you for all your help and for the excellent CD. I don’t know for certain what ended my sleep talking but I feel certain that your help contributed in a major way. My partner has listened to the CD and found it extremely soothing. This really is by way of a very big thank you.*

Fear of Flying

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t convinced at all when I left you and didn’t ‘feel’ any differently about flying, but as the days went on I had much less anxiety about the trip ahead than I normally do.
X remarked that I was much less cranky on the day before flight and on the day itself. On boarding the plane (having listened to the track in the gate part) I didn’t feel that sense of ‘dread’ I normally do, but I still cried a bit on take off and was a bit disappointed about that. But the rest of the 11 hours I didn’t feel the normal anxiety around my breathing and was so calm, it was quite something! I watched three movies, I still wasn’t quite relaxed enough to sleep though. Think that there was definitely progress tho.

On way back I was massively calm – a big thing for me as normally I feel more morbid at this point. No crying on take off but that may have been something to do with the fact I got us a business class upgrade!

Now I feel I can do a long haul again and not get as scared, yey, so thanks loads!!

Sorry for long email, but yes a resounding success me thinks*

Weight Loss

“I’ve always suffered with my weight ever since I was very young. I was always either in a cycle of binging or starving and all I wanted was a normal relationship with food. I was a food addict, but unlike drugs or alcohol, you just can’t give food up completely, it always has to have a place in you life. Over 6 sessions Juliet has given me that, food isn’t always in the forefront of my mind anymore, for me and now I stop eating when my tummy’s full, which in it’s self is quite shocking. Not only has this had an impact on my weight, I’ve dropped two dress sizes with no effort, but on me as a person. I’ve thrown the scales away and am so much happier and confident in my own skin, everyone around me has noticed a difference in me and not only in my size, but in my attitude to everything. I’m writing this recommendation as I believe everyone should have a chance to feel this good and get the monkey off their back that is food addiction. Thank you so very much Juliet!”*


“Juliet was very helpful, responding quickly and informatively to questions that couldn’t be answered in the session, and going out of her way to find out other things for me that weren’t directly related to our sessions. She was prompt, friendly and easy to relax around, and even my husband who can be less open minded than me regarding alternative therapies, found it a really positive experience. I would definitely recommend Juliet and the work she does”*

Simply Didn’t Feel Right

“I just wanted to say thanks for the session yesterday, am feeling so much better than I have for ages. In some ways I can’t even remember the person who emailed you a couple of months ago, I just don’t feel the same.”*

Exam Confidence

“Juliet was amazing in helping me with my exam stress, i get so nervous in exams and i thought it would be a disaster, however after the hypnotherapy to my surprise i walked into my exam, i thought about what Juliet had told me during the session and i had no nerves, the exam went well.”*

Fear of Spiders

After an hour long hypnosis session I picked up a spider and we talked about it for a while before I passed it to Emma, who then took the spider and allowed it to have a little crawl up her arm! Emma is now preparing to be chief spider catcher at home!

I do not ask for testimonials directly for ethical reasons. I do however appreciate any testimonials, so if you have seen me and would like to share your experience please do email me with a testimonial if you have time. Many thanks Juliet*





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